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If you are an attorney/law firm that would like to participate, take on spanish speaking paying clients, & is willing to offer service with excellence, Apply here by filling out the form below. Space is limited.

I applied to be of service to families needing a real estate attorney, did a few interviews for radio with this group, provided help at and sponsored seminars, helped advertise to get valuable information out, and as of now, I am proud to say that I have helped and represented over 500 buyers/sellers in real estate transactions.

B. Sarikas - Atttorney

Who We Are

We are a popular group of community leaders that help the Latin community find good lawyers. Lawyers that do not take advantage of them and provide excellent legal representation, great service, and all at fair market rates.

Our Goal

Attorney Vetting

To find good attorneys in various areas of law who are willing to serve our spanish speaking community with love, respect, professionalism and excellence.

Let's Work Together

To Advertise, promote, create videos, podcasts, conduct informational workshops, in order to reach a multitude of people seeking legal services, so that we may connect them with good attorneys that will represent them properly, not overcharge them, and that are not going to take advantage of them.

Best Service Only

Ensure that everyone we connect with participating attorneys receive good service, is well informed throughout the case/process, and ends up satisfied with the attorney we recommended.

What We Expect From the Lawyers

That they represent/work-for clients to the best of their ability
That they serve their customers honestly, not overcharge, not padding work hours, and not charge for work not done/completed.
That they participate in providing useful tips, interviews by telephone, social media, radio shows and/or video to inform the public and better promote our cause and the attorneys legal services.
That they invest monthly for our marketing services so that we can run effective advertising campaigns in order to spread the word and help cover our advertising expenses and basic costs.
That will sponsor informational workshops or events to reach more people whenever possible and/or provide office space to promote or conduct seminars/workshops.
That they recommend us to non-competing attorneys that could also provide excellent, honest, legal representation to our community.

If you are a lawyer or law firm that has read the above and is willing to collaborate with our cause and serve prospects willing to pay for your services, please fill out the application below and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Take 30 seconds to fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why invest into helping others? No Risk!


Hear firsthand how we were able to help our community

My husband has been struggling with his past DUI offences for the past 6 years! We knew we needed a second opinion on his case since our attorney was not answering our calls or messages. A friend of ours recommended we contact Abogados Buenos and we instantly got referred to our new attorney. Now, my husband only serves community hours and we couldn’t be more thankful!

Diana James Tucson, AZ

For a while I had been fighting my DACA case, and when I found out my lawyers weren’t even sending my applications I had to dig deep to find a good Immigration lawyer that wouldn’t take advantage. Although I was now skeptical, I reached out to the Abogados Buenos team and I am so happy I did. I now have my job permit and am currently working on advance parole all within a year of contact. I want to say to my people- Si Se Puede!

Lydia Velazquez Phoenix, AZ

This site was a life saver. Nowadays, most lawyers are not honest or transparent with you. When my mom passed away from COVID I had to take care of her home expenses. It was all too much, and I needed a real estate lawyer to help me transfer everything to my name. Bill Sarikas went above and beyond to help me. I definitely recommend him for Real Estate services.

Mauricio Peña Chicago, IL